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problem with Agent after a while


we are using the MP on SCOM2012.
It looks good and works fine.
But we have a problem with the performance Counters (log CPU, etc.)
the collection of performance Counter seam to stop after a while.
the graph will stop
But the SCOM Agent health look good an other stuff from this Host will be monitored normal.
After restarting the Agent it will work normal for about 2-3 days.
There are not any log file entries about this Problem.
The only hint what i found was on SCOM Agent Performance Chart , at he time when it stopped working
" alert logged at ..." is a hint , when you move over with the mouse
something liek:
PerfdataSource Snapshot.....
The requested resource is in use ....
CustomHyperVMP.Workflow HyperVvirtualProcessorRule....

Any idea ?
Regards Oliver

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